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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Murrysville, PA

Your mouth, teeth, and gums can play an important role in your overall health. Clenching or grinding your teeth at night, for example, can cause you headaches throughout the day while also causing your oral health issues. Other dental issues can end up causing sleep apnea and other illnesses. Nelson V. Berardinelli DMD is a dentist with a deep understanding of the different health issues that can be treated through oral care.

From TMJ treatments to sleep apnea treatments in Murrysville, PA, our dentist is ready to provide you with the solutions you need to enjoy a happier, healthier life. There are many nontraditional dental treatments that we can provide to you that are only available at our dental office. That means you do not have to bounce around from specialist to specialist when you choose to have your teeth cared for by our TMJ dentist. We can provide you with the care you need from cleanings to occlusal guards.

Sleeping Man in Murrysville, PA

Sleep Apnea Treatments for Patients

Obstructive sleep apnea impacts every aspect of your daily life and health. This illness causes you to stop breathing hundreds of times throughout a night, which means you are not getting the sleep you need while also putting your life at risk over time. What might sound like regular snoring might actually be something much more sinister, which is why you need to discuss sleep apnea treatments with your dentist if you are worried that your daily tiredness is being caused by this illness.

High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, chronic acid reflux, erectile dysfunction, and even death—these are just some of the different health problems that can occur due to obstructive sleep apnea. Luckily, our dentist can help you treat your illness to help you improve your sleep. From CPAP therapy to oral appliance therapies (OAT), which are some of the most advanced solutions for sleep apnea on the market today, our dentist is ready to diagnose your condition and provide the most effective solution so you can sleep better.

TMJ Dentist Treating Your Mouth

Have you been noticing an increase in headaches and migraines? Maybe you are experiencing jaw pain, clicking, or popping noises in your mouth? These issues, along with difficulty speaking, tinnitus, vertigo, and pain in your neck, back, or shoulders can all be caused by TMJ issues. What is TMJ? It is your temporomandibular joint, which is located in front of your ears. Its job is to work with your facial ligaments, nerves, and muscles to give your mouth a smooth range of motion. When this joint becomes misaligned, however, it can cause you a lot of trouble.

Our TMJ dentist provides you with relief from TMJ issues by helping you fix or improve your bite. With the right adjustments you can alleviate the pressure and stress put on your joints so that you no longer have to deal with unnecessary pain.

Contact us when you are having dental issues that are out of the norm. Our TMJ, sleep apnea, and nontraditional dental treatments are available to patients located throughout the communities of Murrysville, Monroeville, Greensburg, Delmont, and Export, Pennsylvania, as well as the surrounding areas.